7.6 - Quick Locate

Federal Authority:

Social Security Act

§454(8) State plan for child and spousal support

§466(a)(12) and (d) Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve the effectiveness of child support enforcement

Code of Federal Regulation

45 CFR 303.3 Location of noncustodial parents

45 CFR 303.7 Provision of services in intergovernmental IV-D cases

State Authority:

Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-104 Child support enforcement generally

Wyo.  Stat. § 20-6-106 Powers and duties of department regarding collection of support

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules

Chapter 4 - General Services

Policy Number:  7.6

Effective Date:  October 1, 2010


A “quick locate” is a request to another intergovernmental agency to check its automated locate sources to locate a mailing or residential address, employer, assets or income of an alleged father or non-custodial parent.  This intergovernmental request is for Limited Services and is not considered a “full-blown” intergovernmental request for child support services.


When an alleged father or non-custodial parent may be in another state, a case worker in the Wyoming CSE Program will send a Locate Only request to the other state’s Central Registry by completing the appropriate intergovernmental information on POSSE.  For the most part, this request is automatic and handled through the Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet).  Currently, Wyoming has full or partial agreements with the states listed in Appendix 7.B – CSENet States.

Cross Reference

Appendix 7.B – CSENet States

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