4.3 Customer Service/Complaint Handling


There are two types of complaints received in the Wyoming Child Support Program -- informal and formal


Informal Complaints

Child support case workers may receive complaints from customers for many reasons, including: expressing disagreements with the actions taken on the case, the way the case is being handled, child support policies, or with the case worker. Informal complaints should be resolved by the case worker with the following suggestions:

  • Maintain a calm and helpful demeanor to objectively discuss the issue.

  • Enter a complete case note in POSSE regarding the interaction.

  • If the customer requests a supervisor, a supervisor shall be immediately located or allow the customer to leave a message for the supervisor with the assurance the phone message shall be returned as quickly as possible but no later than within 24 hours of the message.

  • Provide the StateChild Support Office phone number and address, if requested. This includes requests to talk to the Governor or the DFS Director.

Formal Complaints

A formal complaint may be received by the State Child Support Office in a number of different ways i.e. via phone, e-mail, or letter). While the formal complaint may be received in a variety of ways, the complaint process is the same for all formal complaints

  • All formal complaints shall be funneled through the Customer Service Specialist within the State office..

  • Within two days of receipt, the Customer Service Specialist shall review POSSE to identify the appropriate District Child Support Office to respond to the customer and enter a POSSE case note regarding the complaint, the customer, date received, and response date due.

  • Once the appropriate District Child Support Office is identified, the Customer Service Specialist shall e-mail the District Office Manager with the complaint and the date the response is due back to the State Office. The Customer Service Specialist shall also write and send an initial letter to the complainant informing him/her that his/her complaint has been received as well as the next steps that will be taken with regard to the complaint.

  • Within 24 hours, the District Manager or delegate shall contact the customer to discuss his/her complaint.

  • Within 5 business days, the District Child Support Office Office Manager shall review the case, discuss any relevant parts of the complaint with the case worker and/or attorney, and draft a response for review by the State Office.

  • The State Office has 5 working days to review the response and provide any recommendations for changes to the District Child Support Office Manager.

  • Once approved, the District Office Manager will mail the response to the customer with a copy to the State Office.

  • After the District Office Manager mails the response to the customer, the State Office shall draft a response for the IV-D Director's signature and mails the response to the customer with a copy to the District Office Manager and to the appropriate entity (e.g. the Governor’s office or Legislators).

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