6.1- Introduction

Federal Authority:

Code of Federal Regulations

45 CFR - 302.31 - Establishing paternity and securing support

45 CFR - 302.33 - Services to individuals not receiving title IV-A or title IV-E foster care  assistance

45 CFR - 303.2 - Establishment of cases and maintenance of case records

State Authority:

Wyoming Statute

Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-104 - Child support enforcement generally

Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-105 - Eligiblity for services; fees for services

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules

Chapter 3 - Eligibility and Application for Services

Chapter 4 - General Services

Policy Number:  6.1

Effective Date:  October 1, 2010


This chapter contains the following sections:


Regardless of the type of case – paternity establishment, order establishment or enforcement – the more information obtained from the applicant during the intake process, the easier it will be to locate the alleged father to establish paternity and support or initiate enforcement action to collect child support.

Federal Timeframes

In order to ensure the best possible service to the customers within the Wyoming Child Support Program, the Federal Office of Child Support Services established certain minimum timeframes by which actions within the child support program should take place.  Below are the federal guidelines and timeframes for this chapter.


The Wyoming CSP shall make applications available and accessible to the public. (45 CFR 303.2(a)(1))

When an application is requested in person, the child support case worker will provide the application at that time.  If the application is requested over the phone or by mail, the case worker will have 5 business days to send the requested application.  (45 CFR 303.2(a)(2))

An application shall be accepted the date it is received as long as the application is completed and signed. 

When the application process is completed (e.g. signed application), the child support case worker has 20 calendar days to open a case (see 6.2 Application and 6.3 POSSE Case) and assess the case (see 6.5 Case Assessment) by (45 CFR 303.2(b)):

1) Requesting relevant and necessary information from the custodial parent; 

2) Requesting additional locate information or referring the case for further automated locate as specified in 45 CFR 303.3; and

3) Supplementing the case with information, documents, and POSSE case notes.  

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