12.A Child Sppt Enf Action - Cancelled

Appendix 12.A – Child Support Enforcement Actions Cancelled


When a Non-IV-A recipient of services requests closure (e.g. 45 CFR 303.11(b)(8) – CP Requests Closure), the case worker shall generate a Response to Request for Closure of a Child Support Case. This document provides a list of actions that cease when the IV-D child support case is closed. Those actions include:

Establishment actions

  • Locate

  • Paternity establishment

  • Support order establishment

  • Intergovernmental actions

Enforcement actions

  • Locate

  • Wage withholding

  • License suspensions

  • Asset locate/liens and seizures

  • Court ordered enforcement actions

  • Medical support

  • IRS certification

  • Intergovernmental actions