20.1 - Introduction to 

Family Violence

Federal Authority:

Social Security Act

 §454(26) Safeguarding Information

Code of Federal Regulations

45 CFR 303.21 - Safeguarding and Disclosure of Confidential Information

State Authority:

Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-101 et. seq. Child Support Enforcement Act

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules

Chapter 13 Safeguarding and Disclosure of Confidential Information

Policy Number: 20.1

Effective Date:  May 1, 2022


The Wyoming Child Support Program (WCSP) recognizes that family violence has serious detrimental effects on children and families and that the child support program is sometimes used as a weapon by abusers. Additionally, our core mission of securing financial support for families addresses one of the most pressing needs of victims and their children who are trying to leave and stay out of abusive relationships. The State of Wyoming, and state agencies representing the state, have a responsibility to protect individuals and families living in Wyoming and promote public safety.  WCSP will, therefore, do its best to identify family violence in the caseload, help protect potential victims and refer them to appropriate resources.

CSP Offices will provide continual opportunities and encouragement for victims to disclose abuse, including:

This chapter will cover the policy and procedures for:

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