5.1 Introduction



Federal Authority:

United States Code

45 USC 664  - Collection of Past Due Support From Federal Tax

Code of Federal Regulations

45 CFR 303.72 - Request for collection of past-due support by Federal tax offset

45 CFR 302.33 - Service to individuals not receiving Title IV-A for Title IV-E foster care Assistance45 CFR 303.15 - Agreements to use FPLS in parental kidnapping cases45 CFR 303.50 - Program Income

45 CFR 303.69 - Requests by agents or attorneys of the U.S. for information from the FPLS

Social Security Act

454(6)(B) - State plan for child and spousal support

457(3) Distribution of collection support



State Authority:

Wyoming Statute

Wyo. Stat 5-2-121 - Indigent civil legal services account; created; purpose

Wyo. Stat. 5-3-306 - Fees

Wyo. Stat. 14-2-822 - Order adjudicating parentage

Wyo. Stat. 20-2-307 - Presumptive child support be followed; deviations by court

Wyo. Stat. 20-2-310 - Enforcement of child support

Wyo. Stat. 20-2-311 - Adjustment of child support orders

Wyo. Stat. 20-6-104  - Child support enforcement generally

Wyo. Stat. 20-6-105 - Eligibility for services; fees for services

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules

Chapter 3 - Eligibility and Application for Services

Chapter 4 - General Services

Rule for Fees and Costs for District Court - Rule 5 Civil Fees

Policy Number:   5.1

Effective Date:   October 1, 2010


This chapter contains the following sections:


This chapter describes the fees charged to custodial parents or non-custodial parents within the Wyoming CSP.  It does not identify any fees that may be charged by other states.

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