11.4.2 International Currency

Federal Authority:

Social Security Act

§452(f) - Duties of the Secretary

§454(9) and (20) -  State plan for child support and spousal support

§466(f) and (d) Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve effectiveness of child support enforcement

Code of Federal Regulations

45 CFR 302.36 Provision of services in in intergovernmental and intragovernmental IV-D cases

45 CFR 303.7 Provision of services in intergovernmental IV-D cases 

State Authority:

Wyoming Statute

Wyo. Stat. §§ 20-4-139 et seq. Uniform Intergovernmental Family Support Act 

Child Support Enforcement Rules

Chapter 4 General Services

Chapter 16 Services in Intergovernmental Cases

Policy Number:  11.4.2

Effective Date:  July 1, 2015


When a state receives a request from a foreign country to enforce a foreign order, the state will need to convert the foreign order amount into U.S. dollars when registering the order for enforcement.  Once registered, the state will enforce the U.S. dollar amount.


When a District Child Support Program (CSP) Office in Wyoming receives a request to register and enforce an order from a foreign country with a reciprocal agreement as discussed in 11.4.1 – International – Reciprocal Countries, Wyoming will use the date Wyoming received the request for enforcement to convert the foreign order into U.S. currency.

Additionally, when the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) receives a payment from a foreign country, the two-day timeframe to distribute the payment as discussed in 14.1 – Collection and Distribution begins the date the converted payment is received by the SDU.  For example, the Wyoming SDU receives a child support check in Canadian dollars.  The SDU will immediately send the check to the bank to convert the Canadian dollar check to U.S. dollars.  Once the bank converts the payment to U.S. dollars and sends it back to the Wyoming SDU, the SDU will have two days to send the payment to the custodial parent.

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