6.4 - Data Reliability

Federal Authority:

45 CFR 305 - Program Performance Measures, Standards, Financial Incentives, and Penalties

State Authority:


Policy Number:  6.4

Effective Date:  October 1, 2010


The federal OCSS measures a child support program’s performance utilizing five standards.

1) Paternity establishment; 

2) Order establishment; 

3) Current support distributed; 

4) Arrears cases paying; and

5) Cost effectiveness.

In order to be eligible for federal incentives, the Wyoming CSP shall ensure the data used to calculate each standard is reliable.  In fact, the data shall meet a 95% reliability standard as defined in 45 CFR 305.1(i).  States that fail to meet the data reliability standards are subject to financial penalties.


In order to meet the high standards set forth by the federal OCSS and the federal regulations, the data entered into POSSE, especially the paternity data, needs to be accurate.  In order to ensure consistent and reliable data, each child support professional within the State CSP Office, District CSP Office, Clerk of District Court Office, or State Disbursement Unit (SDU) will follow the procedures set forth in Appendix 6.B PEP Data Reliability Review.

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Appendix 6.B - PEP Data Reliability Review

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Last Revised Date:  March 17, 2017

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