2.1 - Structure & Authority Introduction

Federal Authority:

Social Security Act:

§454(1) and (3) State plan for child and spousal support

Code of Federal Regulations:

45 CFR 302.10 Statewide operations

45 CFR 302.12 Single and separate organizational unit

State Authority:

Wyoming Statute

Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-2006 Department of family services created; director appointed; structure

Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-103 Child support enforcement program; administration by child support enforcement section

Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-106 (j), (k) and (n) Powers and duties of department regarding collection of support

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rule - Chapter 1 - Authority

Policy Number:  2.1

Effective Date:  October 1, 2010


This chapter contains the following section:


The Wyoming CSP follows a combination of federal and state law and provides the following services:

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