3.3.1 IT Security - POSSE Password


Federal Authority

Confidentiality and Safeguarding Information

45 CFR 307.5 Mandatory computerized support enforcement systems

45 CFR 307.13 Security and confidentiality for computerized support enforcement systems in operation after October 1, 1997


State Authority

IT Security - POSSE Password

Wyoming Child Support Program Rules Chapter 13 Safeguarding and disclosure of confidential information

State of Wyoming Department of Family Services Information Security Policies

Policy Number

Effective Date


October 1, 2010


POSSE (Parental Obligation System for Support Enforcement) is the Wyoming child support enforcement automated computer system. As with the case file, any information contained in POSSE is considered confidential and will only be used in the administration of the Wyoming CSE Program. All support records should be safeguarded to protect the privacy rights of the child support program participants.


Only authorized staff may access POSSE. In order to receive access to POSSE, the District CSE Manager, Clerk of District Court, or State of Wyoming – Department of Enterprise Technology Services Supervisor will complete the DFS and POSSE New Hires/Terminations and Employees Transferring )form for each new hire and submit the completed form to appropriate State CSE worker(s) and DFSPC/LAN. The State of Wyoming – Department of Enterprise Technology Services Supervisor will also complete the ETS POSSE and UNIX Access Request form and submit the completed form to the appropriate State CSE worker(s). The newly hired staff member will also receive confidentiality and safeguarding training and will read, sign, and abide by the following Wyoming CSE Program forms:

1. Statement of Confidentiality

2. IRC SEC – Non-Disclosure Oath and Certification of Need to Know

3. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

4. Electronic Transmission of FTI Policy Form

Once POSSE sign-on information is received from the State CSE Office, the new employee will log in to POSSE and change the initial password. Passwords should be safeguarded.

  • Do not use your username as your password.

  • Do not choose passwords based upon information that is not as confidential as you may think (e.g. names of family members, social security numbers, telephone numbers, pets, friends or associates).

  • Do not use words that can be found in the dictionary.

  • Create passwords that use some combination of letters, symbols and numbers.

  • Do not write down your password or store it on the computer. Rather, each POSSE user should commit his/her password to memory.

  • Each POSSE user is responsible for the confidentiality and security of his/her password. Do not share your password with anyone.

If a POSSE user believes his/her POSSE credentials (username and password) have been compromised, the employee will immediately report the incident to his/her supervisor and the State CSE IRS/FPLS Security Liaison. .

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