6.A - PEP Data Reliability Review


The data used to calculate the Paternity Establishment Percentage (PEP) must be current, complete and accurate in order for the program to pass federal audits and receive federal funds necessary to operate.  This initial data reliability review will focus on adjudicated cases; however, everyone must be familiar with all aspects of the Case Kid Maintenance and Other Pop-Up screens, how to update the screens appropriately, and the significance of the information.


1) Pull the physical file.

2) On Case Maintenance screen GOTO the “CP/NCP Rel Pop-up.” 

 3) From Case Maintenance GOTO “Person Maintenance for CP.”

Note:  If the child’s birth verification or birth certificate is in the file, you should be able to fill in at least the state of CP’s birth along with the mother’s maiden name even though you may not have any other information on the CP.  

 4) From Case Maintenance GOTO “Person Maintenance for NCP.”

Note:  The NCP’s information regarding his/her birth may be on the DFS Form 543.

5) From Case Maintenance GOTO the “Case Kid List.”

1. Established – child born of marriage, court order, paternity affidavit, legally adopted.

2. Excluded – genetic testing or another man has been determined to be legal father of the child (see Establishment methods).

3. Unknown – Paternity has not been established.  

(See Appendix 8.G – IV-D PEP Procedures for further guidance in choosing the correct status.)

1) Adjudicated – court order – date order filed1  with the Clerk of District Court

2) Adoption – adoption decree – date adoption order filed with the Clerk of District Court

3) Default – do not use this method, a true default will have an order so the method chosen should be Adjudicated

4) Presumed – born of marriage – date of child’s date of birth

5) Voluntary – WY paternity affidavit – effective July 1, 2003, date of child’s birth or date paternity affidavit filed with vital records, whichever occurs later.   

(See Appendix 8.G – IVD PEP Procedures for further guidance in choosing the correct status.)


6) From Case Kid Maintenance GOTO “Kid Person Record.” 

    7) Follow this process for each child listed on the case.

    8) From the Case Maintenance screen GOTO “Activity Log Maintenance.”


1Remember, even if the genetic testing results indicate that the alleged father is the biological father, POSSE should not be updated until a judge signs a court order showing the alleged father as the biological father.

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