6.3 - POSSE Case

Federal Authority:

Code of Federal Regulations

45 CFR 302.33 - Services to individuals not  receiving title IV-A or  IV-E foster care      assistance

45 CFR 303.2 - Establishment of cases and  maintenance case records

State Authority:

Wyoming Statute

Wyo. Stat.  § 20-6-104 Child support enforcement generally

Wyo. Stat.  § 20-6-104 Eligibility for services; fees for services

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules

Chapter 3 - Eligibility and Applications for Services

Chapter 4 - General Services

Policy Number:  6.3

Effective Date: October 10, 2010


Intake within the Wyoming CSP involves the entry of information about each of the participants (custodial parent, non-custodial parent, and child(ren)) in the case and then “linking” the participants to a POSSE case.


Upon receipt of an application for services, the case worker will determine if a case already exists on POSSE before creating a case by checking the following:

Existing POSSE Case

If a POSSE case exists, the case will be updated, re-opened and updated, or changed from Non-IV-D to IV-D as appropriate.  The case worker will:

New  POSSE Case

If a POSSE case does not exist, the case worker will either tie the participants already on POSSE to a new POSSE case, or if none of the participants is on POSSE, the case worker will add the custodial parent, non-custodial parent or alleged father, and child(ren) to POSSE and tie each of those participants to the new POSSE case.

The following are examples of when a new case should be created in POSSE:

Data Entry

POSSE will be updated with all of the information on the Child Support Application. The POSSE screens to be completed include but are not limited to the following:

In order to meet the data integrity requirements as required by the federal OCSE, case workers will pay particular attention to those POSSE fields related to paternity.  See 6.4 Data Reliability and Appendix 6.B - PEP Data Reliability Review.

Finally, if the case worker believes domestic violence is an issue, refer to Chapter 20 - Family Violence as the safety of the child support participants is of utmost importance to the Wyoming CSP

Cross Reference

Appendix 6.B – PEP Data Reliability Review

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Last Revised Date:  July 1, 2014

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