14.6 Financial Adjustments


There are times when a payment may need to be modified or adjusted after it is receipted, distributed, and possibly disbursed. In addition to payments, there may be other fiscal adjustment needed to accurately reflect the fiscal nature of the child support case.


In the Wyoming CSE Program, only the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) or Clerk of District Court will make a financial adjustment. The possible financial adjustments on the “Financial Adjustment” screen in POSSE include the following:

  • Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

  • CP Non-Judgment Arrears

  • NCP Non-Judgment Arrears

  • Recycle Disbursed Futures

  • Recycle Held Futures

  • Shift Overcollect to Held Futures

  • Recycle Other State Fee Futures

  • IRS Adjustment - Increase NCP Arrears

  • Use Abatement - Reduce Current Owed

  • DRA - Reduce Fee

  • DRA - Reduce Recovery

If the case worker believes a financial adjustment is appropriate, the case worker will discuss with the District CSE Office Manager or designee. If the District CSE Office Manager or designee agrees, the District CSE Office Manager, designee, or case worker will e-mail the appropriate person at the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) with the financial adjustment request.

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