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Through the administration of the IV-D program, the Wyoming Child Support Enforcement (CSE) receives confidential information from a myriad of sources that will be safeguarded.  The State CSE Office will ensure federal and state confidentiality requirements are met for all of those with access to confidential information


All persons, whether State employees or public or private contractors, with access to confidential information through POSSE or the physical case file will read, sign, and abide by the following:

1. Statement of Confidentiality

2. IRC - SEC – Non-Disclosure Oath and Certification of Need to Know 

3. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form 

4. Electronic Transmission of FTI Policy Form 

5. IRS Video – Statement of Completion Form 

The forms will be completed upon hire and then annually thereafter at the beginning of each state fiscal year.  Upon completion, it is the responsibility of the District CSE Office Manager, the Clerk of District Court, the SDU Manager or the State of Wyoming – Department of Enterprise Technology Services Supervisor to send the original signed forms to the State CSE Office with a copy in the person’s local personnel file.  This will be completed as follows:

1. Prior to the worker initially gaining access to POSSE and physical CSE case files, and

2. At the beginning of each state fiscal year.

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July 1, 2014