3.3 IT Security


This section contains the following sub-sections:

  • POSSE Password

  • POSSE Availability


Each state is responsible for the security of the federally required automated data processing (ADP) computer systems. The Wyoming CSE Program’s automated computer system is POSSE (Parental Obligation System for Support Enforcement). The Wyoming CSE Program shall:

  • Determine the appropriate ADP security requirements based on recognized industry standards or standards governing security of Federal ADP systems and information processing;

  • Implement appropriate security requirements;

  • Establish security plans and, as appropriate, policies and procedures to address the areas of ADP security;

  • Establish and maintain programs for conducting periodic risk analyses; and

  • Conduct biennial ADP system security reviews of installations involved in the administration of the Wyoming CSE Program, which, at a minimum, includes evaluations of physical and data security operating procedures, and personnel practices.

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