15.A Acronyms

Appendix 15.A – Military Acronyms


The military uses acronyms like the IV-D child support program. Below is a list of acronyms used by the military that a child support professional needs to know1.

APO – Army Post Office

BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing (money paid to servicemembers to defray housing costs. This includes any extra money a servicemember may receive for a dependent)

BAQ – Basic Allowance for Quarters now known as (nka) BAH

BAS – Basic Allowance for Subsistence (allowance for military food)

CO – Commanding Officer

CONUS – Continental United States

CRDP – Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay

CRSC – Combat-Related Special Compensation

DEERS – Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (database contains dependent and address information)

DEROS – Date of Expected Return from Overseas Assignment

DFAS – Department of Finance Accounting Service (DOD agency responsible for paying servicemembers and receives wage withholding request)

DMDC – Defense Management Data Center

DOD (or DoD) – Department of Defense

ETS – Expiration of Term of Service

FPO – Fleet Post Office

LES – Leave and Earnings Statement (pay statement with earnings, state of residency, leave balance, and if applicable, BAH rate)

OCONUS – Outside of Continental United States


1Source: OCSE: Working with the Military Trainer’s Guide – Appendix at http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/pubs/training/working_with_military/military_guide_appendix.pdf