10.5 Review Completion


Review and Adjustment

Federal Authority:

Social Security Act

452(f) and (k) Duties of Secretary

454 (20) State plan for child and spousal support

466(a)(10) and (d) Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve program effectiveness of child support enforcement

467 State guidelines for child support awards

50 U.S.C. 501-596

45 C.F.R 302.56 - Guidelines for setting child support awards


Review Completion

State Authority:

State Statute

Wyo. Stat. 20-2-311 - Adjustment of child                        support orders

Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rule

Chapter 4 - General Services

Policy Number:  10.5

Effective Date:  October 1, 2010


Federal and state law requires a review of a child support order under certain circumstances.  The review is based upon financial information from both parents and the Wyoming child support guidelines.

A review falls into one of 3 categories:

1) 3- year mandatory review for POWER recipients.  The last review or order is more than 36 months old.

2) 3-year review by request of a party.  The last review or order is more than 36 months old and one of the parties requested a review.

3) Substantial change in circumstances review.  One of the parties or the Wyoming CSP requests a review; the order is at least 6 months old; and a substantial change in circumstances is alleged.

Note:  In order to proceed with an adjustment, the child support obligation must  increase or decrease by 20% and/or there is a substantial change in circumstances as described in 10.4 Review Criteria or it must be more than 3 years old. 



Once the case worker determines a review is appropriate, the case worker will:

Ensure Wyoming has jurisdiction to modify the child support order (See 10.3 Jurisdiction for details);

Send the non-requesting parent the review and adjustment cover letter and financial affidavit with a return request of all information within 30 calendar days;

Request and/or review wage information from available resources such as an employer , the Wyoming Unemployment Information system,  or Federal Case Registry (FCR) screens, etc.;

Use the Wyoming child support guidelines to calculate presumptive child support as described below; and

Notify the parties of the results of the review:

The review is denied because there is not a 20% change in the child support amount and/or there is not a substantial change in circumstances, or

There is a 20% change in the child support amount and/or there is a substantial change in circumstances to warrant a modification.  See 10.6  - Adjustment of Support Order for judicial modification details.


In order to determine the presumptive child support amount, the District CSP Office will use income information provided by the requesting party in the form required by the Wyoming Supreme Court.  If the non-requesting party does not properly complete the financial affidavit, the District CSP Office will utilize locate sources discussed in Chapter 7 Locate to find income or asset information for the parties. 

The District Child Support Program (CSP) Office will use income information and the Wyoming child support guidelines to calculate the presumptive child support amount. 

Imputed Income

When a parent’s actual income is not available, the case worker will need to impute or assign income to a parent in order to calculate child support.  There are several instances where the case worker may have to impute income to a party in order to calculate presumptive child support.

Voluntarily Under-employed/Voluntarily Unemployed.  

When a parent is voluntarily under-employed or voluntarily unemployed (e.g. the parent is purposefully making less income than the parent could make), the income is based upon the actual income, potential income or minimum wage whichever is higher.  See the District CSP Office Attorney for specific examples of under-employed circumstances as defined by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Minimum Wage.  

If one or both of the parties fails to complete the Wyoming Supreme Court financial affidavit and the case worker cannot find wage information through other sources or in the case of a parent that does not work outside of the home, the District CSP Office will impute wages to one or both parties.  The income will be defined by Wyoming statutes and calculated using full-time (e.g. 40 hours per week) wages. 

Social Security or Veteran’s Benefits

If a custodial parent is receiving social security or veteran’s benefits (hereinafter “benefits”) for the child(ren) due to the steps taken by the non-custodial parent to receive the benefits, the total benefit paid to the non-custodial parent and paid to the child(ren) through the custodial parent will be counted as income to the non-custodial parent for purposes of calculating child support.  However, the total benefit received by the custodial parent for the child will be deducted from the non-custodial parent’s share of presumptive support.  If the subtracted amount results in a negative child support obligation, the child support amount will be zero.

Note:  The non-custodial parent or the Wyoming CSP may petition the court for a retroactive credit against any child support arrears based upon these types of benefits received by the custodial parent.

Terminate Review

The review may end in one of the following ways:

Once the case worker determines a review should be terminated, the case worker will notify the parents of the termination of the review and update POSSE.  If the non-requesting party would like to continue the review process, the District CSP Office will continue the review as long as the non-requesting party provides the completed Wyoming Supreme Court Financial Affidavit and a request for review.

Special Circumstances

Incarcerated Non-Custodial Parent

If the non-custodial parent is incarcerated and the case does not meet closure criteria as discussed in Chapter 12 Closure, one of the parties may request a review and adjustment without regard to the age of the order or date of last review as incarceration is considered a substantial change in circumstances.  

The District CSP Office will file a Petition for Modification of Support as described in 10.6 Adjustment of Support OrderA Financial Affidavit will not be required prior to filing the Petition for Modification.

One or Both of the Parties – Active Military

A request for review and adjustment will proceed as discussed in this chapter; however, the case worker will consider the Basic Allowance for Subsistence or Separate Rations (BAS or Sep Rat), the Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ), and the benefit of tax-free income when calculating child support.

The Wyoming CSP Program will follow all of the requirements of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act as discussed in greater detail in Chapter 15 Military.

Order Does Not Have a Child Support Amount

If an order does not make reference to a child support amount, a child support order shall be established as described in Chapter 8 Establishment.  On the other hand, if the child support order references child support but does not order a specific amount, the order should be modified to include a specific child support amount as provided by the Wyoming child support guidelines.

Non-Custodial Parent in Arrears

A request for review and adjustment by a non-custodial parent will not be denied because the non-custodial parent owes child support arrears.  

Retroactive Modification

Wyoming law prohibits retroactive modification of a child support order except under the following limited circumstances:

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