12.F Case Closure Checklist

Appendix 12.F – Closure Checklist


Provide consistent closure procedures for case workers.

Wyoming Child Program Closure Checklist


Yes NA

☐ Check Case Class (Is CP mandatory?)


☐ ☐ Email DFS/DOH to sanction if mandatory (Cannot close CP requests closure if mandatory)

☐ CP & Kids EPICS/WES Case Numbers and Client ID loaded (Unique Identifier XREF List)


Yes NA

☐ ☐ Run BA (all tied to cases): Process request id______________________________

☐ ☐ Support Orders Loaded Correctly

☐ ☐ Judgments Loaded Correctly (Who is owed the money/ Attorney fees/ Title 19 etc?)

☐ ☐ Children end dated correctly / transfer dates correct / correct removal reason

End Date Reason:__________________________________________

☐ ☐ Was case adjusted to Arrears/State arrears only? Does it need reversed/adjusted?

☐ ☐ Over-collect / Futures Held (Request recycle of over-collect/futures held from DFSFINHELP)


Yes NA

☐ ☐ Satisfaction of Judgment (Judgment Date_________ SOJ File Date___________)(Do not complete for 999 Stipulation judgments)

☐ ☐ Release NTP (ESC, SSA, Workers Comp & Employer)

☐ ☐ Stale employer (if no other open cases)

☐ ☐ Suspend IWO Records in Support Order (if no open connected cases)

☐ ☐ Release NMSN (NNMTERA1)

☐ ☐ Motion and Order to Quash Bench Warrant

☐ ☐ Motion and Order to Vacate and Dismiss (any pending actions or registration)

☐ ☐ Reinstate Wyoming drivers license

☐ ☐ Reinstate Wyoming game & fish

☐ ☐ Update hearing maintenance

☐ ☐ Release any liens / update lien maintenance


Yes NA

☐ Clean physical file (All documents shall be attached)

☐ Intake Complete & Quality Check Complete boxes marked

☐ Data Reliability complete (See Appendix 12.E – PEP Data Reliability)

☐ Paternity Audit completed (See Appendix 8.G - IV-D PEP Procedures)

☐ Enter Closure Reason (See CP Request Closure Section for instructions)

☐ Run 282p2 Case Assessment - One Case in Process Request Maintenance

☐ Person & Case Alerts Cleared - if case will not close, make corrections as needed

☐ ☐ Intergovernmental – Initiating – Notify other state to close their case by using CSENet closure transaction GSC15 or GSC17 and/or by CSENet. Generate & mail Trans#2 (Best practice to send CSENet closure transaction & request through CSENet & hard copy of Trans#2 - not all states are using CSENet closure transaction codes)

Set alert to remove initiating intergovernmental information in 30 days

☐ ☐ Intergovernmental – Responding – Acknowledgment of Initiating state request for closure via Trans #2 or CSENet or if closing Non-Cooperation of other state notify other state of closure by using Trans#2 or CSENet.(Best practice to send acknowledgment or notice of closure through CSENet & hard copy of Trans#2) (If another state’s order was registered, generate Motion & Order to Vacate Notice of Registration and Dismiss the Order Confirming)

Note: When filed Order to Vacate & Dismiss is received back from court, End child(ren), Enter “9999” $0 stipulation, Run BA (If Wyoming order, move child(ren) and balance back to WY Non-IV-D case, if no WY case; build one).

☐ Enter specific closure case note on POSSE

Log type: Case management

Log Title: ***Case Closure***

Log Message: Should include but is not limited to:

What is closure reason?

Children end date reason,

Term ntps (to who),

order/judgment reviewed,

SOJ filed,

any other pertinent details dealing with closure & where the file went

☐ Generate closure letter once POSSE has validated the closure and the document appears in the document log list. (If closure letter does not appear in document log list - check Alerts for a Case for corrections)

Foster Care case, add child’s name and EPICS number to the letter.

Responding case, use transmittal#2 to other state acknowledging closure as closure letter

☐ Give to Supervisor for closure approval and case note


Yes NA

☐ Copy of permission to close received from CP in file

☐ Manually generate closure letter: Response to CP Request Closure (LCPCLOA1) (posse will not create closure letter for this closure reason

☐ Manually generate Notice to NCP Regarding Closure (NNCPRCA1)

☐ Intake Complete & Quality Check Complete boxes marked

To print the Case Closure Checkout see Case Closure Checkout