5.4 Federal Offset Fee


Since January 1999, the United States Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS) has operated the federal income tax refund offset (Intercept) program. The Wyoming CSP submits a file to FMS of the delinquent non-custodial parents whose arrears meet the certification requirements as described in greater detail in 9.2 Enforcement – Administrative Remedies.

Note: Only IV-D cases can be submitted to FMS.


When FMS intercepts a non-custodial parent’s federal income tax refund, FMS will forward the intercept to the appropriate State. Upon receipt of the intercept, the Wyoming CSP credits the non-custodial parent with the entire intercept amount; however, Wyoming CSP retains a $25 federal tax offset fee from any collection on behalf of a non-public assistance custodial parent, except in foster care or past or present POWER cases.

Upon application to the IV-D child support program, the custodial parent is notified of the $25 federal tax intercept fee via A Guide to the Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Program.

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