15.I Income Withholdings

Appendix 15.I – Military Income Withholding


The following provides information for income withholding of active and retired military personnel along with active and retired federal civilian employees1.

Military Personnel, Civilian Department of Defense (DOD) Personnel

Wage withholdings for military personnel (active, reserve, guard, retired) and civilian personnel working for DOD or other Federal agencies serviced by the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) should be sent to the DFAS office in Cleveland, Ohio:

DFAS Cleveland


P.O. Box 998002

Cleveland, OH 44199-8002

Instead of mailing the income withholding order, you may fax it to:

DFAS Fax Gateway, toll-free: (877) 622-5930

DFAS Fax Gateway: (216) 522-6960

Do not send withholding orders to any other DFAS site as this will delay processing. Supporting documents may be included and will be imaged and available for viewing by the paralegals. Fax each order individually. You may use the fax line for sending income withholding orders for employees of civilian agencies who are paid by DFAS, such as the Department of Energy or the Environmental Protection Agency.

A faxed income withholding order will receive the same consideration as the same document sent by mail or electronically submitted through the e-IWO. The fax line is only to be used for sending income withholding orders and accompanying documents.

Note: Do not send the National Medical Support Notice, underlying court orders, or requests for verifications of employment to the DFAS Cleveland post office box address or fax numbers.

The DFAS Income Withholding toll-free Customer Service Number is (888) 332-7411.

The DFAS web site for income withholding information is: http://www.dfas.mil/garnishment.html. The web site includes a Fact Sheet and Questions and Answers fact sheet on how to obtain payroll information on DoD military and civilian employees.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is now part of the Department of Homeland Security. Income withholding orders for Coast Guard personnel should be sent to the following address:

Coast Guard active and retired military personnel income withholding orders should be sent to:

Commanding Officer (LGL)

U.S. Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center

444 SE Quincy Street

Topeka, KS 66683-3591

Phone: (785) 339-3592 or 3595 (for questions)

Fax: (785) 339-3788

Email: PPC-DG-LGL@uscg.mil

Coast Guard civilian personnel income withholding orders should be sent to:

National Finance Center

Pay Tech Section Post D-41

13800 Old Gentilly Road

New Orleans, LA 70129

Federal Retired Civilian Employees

An income withholding order to attach the pension of a retired civilian employee of the Federal Government should be sent to:

Office of Personnel Management

Court Ordered Benefits Branch

P.O. Box 17

Washington, DC 20044-0017

Phone (202) 606-0222

Fax (202) 606-7958


1Source – OCSE – Working with the Military as an Employer – A Quick Guide Updated as of April 2010 at http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/newhire/employer/publication/military_quick_guide.htm