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8.F Medical Support Matrix

Appendix 8.F – Medical Support Matrix


Wyo. Stat. 20-2-401 requires that all support orders address medical support.  The statute states that one or both parents shall provide insurance if it is available at a reasonable cost and the benefits are accessible to the children.  Wyo. Stat. 20-2-406(xi) defines accessible as providing coverage for the child(ren) within the geographic area covered by the insurance plan.  Wyo. Stat. 20-2-406(xiii) defines reasonable cost as 5% of the providing parties gross income.

Below is a matrix that can be used by the District Court Judge, District CSE Attorney, or other staff to determine the accessibility and reasonableness of available health insurance.


Non-Custodial Parent
 NCP lives in same geographic location as child: Yes_____ No_____ If yes, then accessible____
 Insurance is  accessible anywhere in the country:  Yes___ No ___If yes ,then accessible___
 Insurance is only accessible in NCP’s geographic area:  Yes__ No __ If yes ,then NOT accessible___

Custodial Parent
 CP lives in same geographic location as child: Yes___ No__ If yes, then accessible____
 Insurance is accessible anywhere in the country: Yes___ No____ if yes then accessible_____
 Insurance is only accessible in CP’s geographic area: Yes___ No____ If yes, then NOT accessible______


Custodial ParentNon-Custodial Parent
Monthly Gross Income $_______Monthly Gross Income $________
 5% of Gross Income $ ________ 5% of Gross Income $ ________
 Insurance available: Yes____   No___ Insurance available: Yes____   No___
 Cost of Insurance $ _______ Cost of Insurance $_________
 Within 5% threshold: Yes____ No____ Within 5% threshold: Yes____ No____
 Ordered to provide: Yes____ No____ Ordered to provide: Yes____ No____


Is insurance available to either party? CP – YES ___ NO ___  NCP – YES___ NO___
 Is insurance accessible?  YES ______  NO _____
 Is insurance reasonable?  YES ______  NO _____
 Party ordered to provide insurance:  CP _____  NCP _______  Neither _________