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5.2 Application Fee

Chapter Federal Authority
Fees 45 CFR 302.33 Services to individuals not receiving Title IV-A or Title IV-E foster care assistance
45 CFR 303.15 Agreements to use FPLS in parental kidnapping and child custody cases
45 CFR 303.69 Requests by agents or attorneys of the U.S. for information from the FPLS
Subject State Authority
Application Fee Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-104 Child support enforcement generally
Wyo. Stat. § 20-6-105 Eligibility for services; fees for services
Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules
          Chapter 3 Eligibility and Application for Services
Chapter 4 General Services
Policy Number Effective Date
5.2 October 1, 2010


Federal regulations allow States to establish an application fee and cost recovery program for those non-public assistance applicants applying for child support services.  The Wyoming CSP will:

  • Locate parents (including custodial parents/alleged fathers/non-custodial parents);
  • Locate employer and assets;
  • Establish paternity;
  • Establish  child and medical support;
  • Enforce child and medical support;
  • Initiate and respond to intergovernmental cases; and
  • Review and adjust child and medical support orders.


Child Support Services

If there is not already a child support case (IV-D case), applicants are charged a $25 non-refundable application fee before child support services can be provided.  Those charged the application fee are:

1. Non-public assistance applicants (including non-custodial parents or alleged fathers) requesting child support services;

2. Former POWER or Medicaid recipients who want to re-open a IV-D child support case after their case is closed; and

3. Private attorneys with an order for genetic testing. 

The application process is complete once the applicant completes, signs, and dates the child support application and pays the $25 application fee.

The fee will be in the form of a personal check, certified check or money order made out to the Wyoming State Disbursement Unit (SDU).  Local District CSP Offices do not accept cash; however, if a District CSP Office elects to accept cash, the District CSP Office will obtain a waiver in writing from the IV-D Director approving the District CSP Office’s cash handling procedures.

If an applicant completes and submits multiple child support applications (Form 543) on the same date, the applicant is only charged one $25 fee.

Waiving Application Fees

Application fees shall be waived when the applicant and/or the child(ren) for whom the applicant is applying for service and are current recipients of POWER or Medicaid (excluding prescription services or Kid Care Chip).

The person wanting to receive child support services must have applied for Medicaid or POWER on behalf of the applicant and/or child(ren) residing in the household and be found eligible for Medicaid and/or POWER services in order to waive the application fee. 

Application fees shall be waived for incarcerated individuals requesting a review for modification.

Locate Only Services

Under very specific circumstances, the State Child Support Office will accept an application for locate only services.  The District Office shall accept the application and the fee for services.  The District Office shall forward the application and fee onto the State Child Support Office for processing.  Not only will an applicant complete, sign, and date a child support application and pay the $25 application fee, but the applicant will be an authorized person.  An authorized person for purposes of locate only services is:

1. An agent or attorney licensed to practice law in Wyoming who has the duty or authority to enforce a child custody or visitation determination;

2. A court or agent of the court with jurisdiction to make or enforce a child custody or visitation determination; or

3. An agent of the United States or State of Wyoming with the authority to investigate, enforce, or commence criminal prosecution for the unlawful taking of a child.

In the case of parental kidnapping, the application shall be approved by the Wyoming Attorney General’s office and accompanied by a sworn statement indicating the locate information sought through the Federal Parent Locator Services (FPLS) is for the sole purpose of enforcing a federal or state law with the respect to the unlawful taking or restraint of a child.

Non-Sufficient Funds

If an application fee submitted by personal check is returned by the bank due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) will contact the District CSP Office Manager.  The District CSP Office Manager will contact the applicant and request the applicant place funds in his or her bank account to cover the returned check.

If the check is returned again, the SDU will turn the applicant over to a collection agency and notify the District CSP Office Manager.  The District CSP Office will instruct the applicant to pay the collection agency.  If the fee is not paid within 30 days, the District CSP Office will ask the State CSP Office to close the case as “Opened in Error”.

When the court orders genetic testing in a Non-IVD case, a private attorney may apply for child support services along with genetic testing through the child support program.  In addition to completing the application as provided above, the attorney shall also pay the genetic testing fee in advance at the time of application.

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