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Throughout the Wyoming  Child Support Program Policy Manual   Replace the acronym, CSE (Child Support Enforcement), to CSP (Child Support Program) 
Any Form or POSSE Document   Any POSSE form or document was moved to the new section, Forms and POSSE Documents.
2.2  Wyoming IV-D Program  Wyoming Program StructureAdded language regarding the role the Clerks of District Courts have in our program. 
 4.2 DFS Mission & CSP Vision StatewideDFS Mission Statement and
child Support Program Vision Statement
Updated the Mission Statements
 4.3 Customer Service      Updated policy 
 5.2 Application Fee  Added new section, Waiver Application Fees
 5.2 Application Fee Locate Services Only      Updated Policy
5.4 Federal Offset Fee    PolicyUpdated language to include programs that are excluded from this policy
 5.5  Annual Fee   Overview    Added a more detail on when DRA fees are paid.
 6.2 Application    Special Circumstances - Medicaid Only Cases Updated the application policy for Medicaid Only cases.
 6.5  Case Assessment    Order of Establishment     Added Affidavit of Rediret language 
 8.1 Establishment      Added new section, No Establishment of a Child Support Order
 8.3   Child Support Retroactive Child Support    Updated policy
 8.3   Child Support    Added new section, Affidavit of Redirect 
 9.6 Lien    Full Faith and Credit Added SSI and SSDI language
 13.3 Jursidiction     Existing Orders   Added Affidavit of Rediret language