Who's Who in the State Child Support Office


Type of Requests Sent to the Child Support Office and Who to Send the Request to

For Case Class Changes:

Email: dfs-possecaseclasschanges@wyo.gov

For Adding New Employers:

Email: dfs-posseemployer@wyo.gov

For Birth Information:

Email: dfs-posseebirthinfor@wyo.gov 

Contact Nichole Ocheskey for:

Email: nichole.ocheskey@wyo.gov
Office Phone Number: 307-777-7603
  • Adding new employers (be sure to include employer’s full name, address and phone number and include the EIN if available.  Please use specific instructions.)
  • Employer address changes, phone number changes or adding EIN’s to existing records
  • Adding new health insurance company records (be sure to include the insurance company name, complete address and phone number)
  • FIPS Code changes or additions
  • Questions on other Central Registry transactions
  • Questions on CSENet transactions
  • Questions on the EPICS interface
  • Questions on Interstate Transmittals
  • Requests for locate from the FPLS Portal 
  • Requests for CLEAR locate

Contact Robin Coppinger for:

Email: robin.coppinger@wyo.gov
Office Phone Number: 307-777-3374
  • Federal 157 Reporting
  • POSSE password reset
  • POSSE Training
  • Questions on general POSSE functions
  • Questions on IRS security and safeguarding
  • Security issues including (but not limited to) changes to user profiles, additions to a users restrictions list and login errors
  • Request for Mis-Identified Participants to be added to the FPLS Portal

Contact Nina Henry for:

Office Phone Number: 307-777-7328
  • Federal Prosecution cases (be sure to enter US Treasury payments received for these cases from the US Courts with a payment source of "Otr Jud Remedy" and a distribution over-ride to arrears)
  • Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)
  • Questions relating to Federal Offset Certification, Passport Denial, Credit Bureau Reporting, etc.
  • Inmate Requests for Modification
  • Requests for locate from the FPLS Portal 
  • Requests for locate CLEAR Locates and other state locate sources
  • Requests for verification of SSNs with federal partners
Contact Betty Mielke for:
Email: betty.mielke@wyo.gov
Office Phone Number: 307-777-8612
  • POSSE password reset
  • Closing duplicate cases as Opened in Error
  • Close cases as "Opened in Error" that were closed pre-POSSE 
  • Converting cases to Non-IVD
  • Deleting Case Kid Records
  • Nuking first support orders
  • Other case cleanup issues
  • POSSE documents
  • Questions on general POSSE functions
  • Request for Mis-Identified Participants to be added to the FPLS Portal

Contact Denise Dunn for:

Email:  deninise.dunn@wyo.gov
Office Phone Number: 307-777-5653
  • Access & Visitation federal grant
  • Contracts
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Questions on Child Support Program policy and procedures
  • Federal 157 Reporting
  • Genetic Testing
  • License suspension 
  • State Archive guidelines
  • State Directory of New Hire

Contact Jodi Nuss for:

Email: jodi.nuss@wyo.gov
Office Phone Number: 307-777-5831
  • Complaints 
  • Self Assessment Audits
  • State Plan Amendments 
  • Child Support Rules

Contact Vicki Bowsher for:

Email:  vicki.bowsher1@wyo.gov
Office Phone Number: 307-777-6948
  • Child Support brochures
  • Paternity affidavits and birth verification forms
  • Requests for materials, booklets and forms

Any other non-fiscal questions not covered in this section

  • If the question is legal in nature, contact Kirstie Arneson providing a detailed description of issue needing resolved
  • If the question pertains to the program, contact Denise Dunn  providing a detailed description of the issue needing resolved