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Throughout the Wyoming  Child Support Program Policy Manual   Replace the acronym, CSE (Child Support Enforcement), to CSP (Child Support Program) 
 5.2 Application Fee       Waiving Application Fee    Updated the language regarding requirement for waiving application fee.
 9.4  Contempt  Criteria     Updated section with  new language regarding a non-custodial parent who is receiving SSI or homeless.
 9.6 Lien    Full Faith and Credit Added SSI and SSDI language
 10.1 Introduction    Incarcerated Parents (New)    Added language for initiating ia review and adjustment for incarcerated parents 
 12.1  Introduction         All     Updated with the new Case Closure policy
 12.D Case Closure     Closing Cases with Futures Disbursed and Assigned Arrears Balances     Update with new procecedures for closing cases that have futures disbursed and assigned arrears balance,
 13.3 Jurisdiction     Existing Orders   Added Affidavit of Redirect language 
 14.3  Payments Alternate Payee    Added new language regarding when an Alternate Payee can be used.
 14.3 Payments   Added new section, Payments to Private Collection Agencies
 14.3 Payments     Added new section, Return of Funds from Lien or Garnishment
 14.3 Payments     Added new section,Payment to the Family to meet the final rule language 302.28