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12.F Case Closure Checklist

Appendix 12.F – Closure Checklist


Provide consistent closure procedures for case workers.

Wyoming Child Program Closure Checklist


Yes NA
☐    Check Case Class (Is CP mandatory?)
☐    Check EPICS/WES
☐    ☐ Email DFS/DOH to sanction if mandatory (Cannot close CP requests closure if mandatory)
CP & Kids EPICS/WES Case Numbers and Client ID loaded (Unique Identifier XREF List)


Yes NA
Run BA (all tied to cases): Process request id______________________________
Support Orders Loaded Correctly 
Judgments Loaded Correctly (Who is owed the money/ Attorney fees/ Title 19 etc?)
Children end dated correctly / transfer dates correct / correct removal reason
End Date Reason:__________________________________________
☐    ☐ Was case adjusted to Arrears/State arrears only? Does it need reversed/adjusted?
☐   ☐     Over-collect / Futures Held (Request recycle of over-collect/futures held from DFSFINHELP)


Yes NA
Satisfaction of Judgment (Judgment Date_________ SOJ File Date___________)(Do not complete for 999 Stipulation judgments)
Release NTP (ESC, SSA, Workers Comp & Employer)
Stale employer (if no other open cases) 
Suspend IWO Records in Support Order (if no open connected cases)
Motion and Order to Quash Bench Warrant
Motion and Order to Vacate and Dismiss (any pending actions or registration)
☐    ☐  Reinstate Wyoming drivers license
☐    ☐  Reinstate Wyoming game & fish
☐    ☐  Update hearing maintenance
☐    ☐  Release any liens / update lien maintenance


Yes NA
Clean physical file (All documents shall be attached)
Intake Complete & Quality Check Complete boxes marked
☐    Data Reliability complete (See Appendix 12.E – PEP Data Reliability)
☐    Paternity Audit completed (See Appendix 8.G - IV-D PEP Procedures) 
☐    Enter Closure Reason (See CP Request Closure Section for instructions)
☐    Run 282p2 Case Assessment - One Case in Process Request Maintenance
Person & Case Alerts Cleared - if case will not close, make corrections as needed
☐   ☐ Intergovernmental – Initiating – Notify other state to close their case by using CSENet closure transaction GSC15 or GSC17 and/or by CSENet. Generate & mail Trans#2 (Best practice to send CSENet closure transaction & request through CSENet & hard copy of Trans#2 - not all states are using CSENet closure transaction codes) 
Set alert to remove initiating intergovernmental information in 30 days
☐    ☐ Intergovernmental – Responding – Acknowledgment of Initiating state request for closure via Trans #2 or CSENet or if closing Non-Cooperation of other state notify other state of closure by using Trans#2 or CSENet.(Best practice to send acknowledgment or notice of closure through CSENet & hard copy of Trans#2)  (If another state’s order was registered, generate Motion & Order to Vacate Notice of Registration and Dismiss the Order Confirming)

Note: When filed Order to Vacate & Dismiss is received back from court, End child(ren), Enter “9999” $0 stipulation, Run BA (If Wyoming order, move child(ren) and balance back to WY Non-IV-D case, if no WY case; build one).

Enter specific closure case note on POSSE
Log type: Case management
Log Title: ***Case Closure***
Log Message: Should include but is not limited to:
What is closure reason? 
Children end date reason, 
Term ntps (to who), 
order/judgment reviewed,
SOJ filed, 
any other pertinent details dealing with closure & where the file went
Generate closure letter once POSSE has validated the closure and the document appears in the document log list.  (If closure letter does not appear in document log list - check Alerts for a Case for corrections)
Foster Care case, add child’s name and EPICS number to the letter.
Responding case, use transmittal#2 to other state acknowledging closure as closure letter
Give to Supervisor for closure approval and case note


Yes NA
Copy of permission to close received from CP in file
Manually generate closure letter: Response to CP Request Closure (LCPCLOA1) (posse will not create closure letter for this closure reason
Manually generate Notice to NCP Regarding Closure (NNCPRCA1)
Intake Complete & Quality Check Complete boxes marked

To print the Case Closure Checkout see Case Closure Checkout