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7.C FPLS and WY SPLS Timeframes

Appendix 7.C – FPLS and WY SPLS Timeframes

The table below provides the automated locate sources found in POSSE along with the identifying information needed to access the database and the information provided by each source.

Locate Source Required Identifying Information  Information Provided Submittal Rate Maximum Submittal Attempts
Department of Motor Vehicles Sex and DOB and either SSN or name.  If SSN is not available, the name cannot be unknown  Address and SSN  90 days  12
 Employment Security Commission  SSN  Address and employer  90 days  12
 EPICS  SSN or sex, DOB, first and last name  Address and SSN  90 days  12
 FPLS  Name and SSN.  If SSN is unknown, need name and 3 of the following to access SSA – state of birth, city of birth, father’s name, mother’s maiden name  Address, SSN, and employer  365 days  12