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5.6 Court Order Fees

Chapter Federal Authority
Fees 45 CFR 302.33 Services to individuals not receiving Title IV-A or Title IV-E foster care assistance
Subject State Authority
Court Order Fees Wyo. Stat. §14-2-822 Order adjudicating parentage
Wyo. Stat. §20-2-307 Presumptive child support to be followed; deviations by court
Wyo. Stat. §20-2-310 Enforcement of child support
Wyo. Stat. §20-2-311 Adjustment of child support orders
Wyo. Stat. §20-6-105 Eligibility for services; fees for services

Policy Number Effective Date
5.6 October 1, 2010


The Wyoming CSP is judicial in nature, meaning most enforcement actions are taken pursuant to a court order.  Upon request, a Wyoming judge may order a party to pay certain fees/costs related to the civil action.


Wyoming statutes allow for the Wyoming CSP to recover attorney fees, filing fees, and other reasonable expenses including genetic testing, service of process, and costs.

Attorneys representing the State of Wyoming in child support actions do not request attorney fees.  Attorneys shall request that the non-custodial parent pay the following costs, as appropriate and based upon the action filed:

  • Filing fee1;, see 5.3 Court Fees for details; 
  • Cost of service of process and
  • Genetic testing fee.
Cross Reference


1 In cases where the State of Wyoming files an action at the request of another state (e.g. Responding cases), the State of Wyoming will not request a filing fee, the cost of service of process, or the cost of genetic testing.

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