16.3 Transferred Cases

Chapter Federal Authority
Tribal IV-D 45 CFR 309 Tribal Child Support Enforcement (IV-D) Program

Subject State Authority
Subject of Chapter JPID Number:  2010-01
Policy Number Effective Date
16.3 October 1, 2011


The Northern Arapaho Child Support Program (NACSP) and the State of Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Program have a mutual duty to ensure effective and efficient IV-D services for children in the State of Wyoming.  This Joint Policy Interpretation and Direction (JPID) provides guidance on how each program should handle referred or transferred cases, with and without orders, and how to handle payments in shared cases.  The goal of this policy is mutual cooperation between the two programs for the benefit of children. 


A) Cases in which the State receives a DFS Form 543, one parent or child is a Tribal member and there is no child support order on POSSE:

See 16.2 Inter-Jurisdictional Issues.  If the case falls under State jurisdiction (Sections B and C of 16.2 Inter-Jurisdictional Issues) then the State should establish the order.  If the case falls under Tribal jurisdiction (Section A) then the Northern Arapaho Tribal Child Support Program should establish the order.

B) Cases in which the State has an order and the NCP lives on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

If the State has established the Child Support Order and the NCP lives on the Wind River Indian Reservation, the State program should send the order to the Northern Arapaho Child Support Program along with a UIFSA Transmittal 1.  Payments collected by the Tribal program will be sent to the SDU in Cheyenne with the POSSE number on the check.

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