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15.2 Locate

Chapter Federal Authority
Military Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
50 U.S.C. §§ 501-596
Social Security Act
§453 Federal parent locator service
45 CFR 302.35 State parent locator service
45 CFR 303.3 Location of noncustodial parents
45 CFR 303.7 Provision of services in intergovernmental IV-D cases
Subject State Authority
Subject of Chapter Wyo. Stat. §20-6-108 State parent locator service
Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules
Chapter 4 General Services
Policy Number Effective Date
15.2 October 1, 2010


In order to establish paternity and/or child and medical support or enforce an existing child support order, the alleged father/non-custodial parent shall be located as discussed in Chapter 7 Locate.  For military personnel, the following interfaces provide locate information.

1) The Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) interfaces with the Department of Defense (DOD) database and provides the military member’s address, income, and employment information. 

2) The DOD’s Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) provides all new recruit and civilian personnel information to the National Directory of New Hire (NDNH) within 20 days of recruit/hire.  

3) In addition to this information, the DMDC provides quarterly wage data to the NDNH for the following groups:

    • Active duty,
    • Reserve,
    • National Guard,
    • Coast Guard,
    • Civilian employees, and
    • Military retired (quarterly wages only).


All requests for information from the Expanded FPLS will go through the Wyoming State Parent Locator Service (SPLS) as described in 7.3 Locate – Expanded Federal Parent Locator Service.  

The DMDC returns FPLS requests on a weekly basis as described below:

  • Active military – unit duty address,
  • Reserve/National Guard – unit duty address,
  • Retired military – home address and annual salary, and
  • Retired civilian – home address and annual salary.

Information included on the quarterly wage data report from the DMDC is listed in Appendix 15.E – DMDC Quarterly Wage Report Data.

In addition to the FPLS, the case worker may need to request locate information from the World Wide Military Locator Service.  In order to access the World Wide Military Locator Service, the case worker will need the full-name of the alleged father/non-custodial parent and social security number.  See Appendix 15.D – World Wide Locator Military Services for detailed information regarding each branch of the armed services.

Note:  If the person does not have a social security number, contact the State CSE Office person responsible for contacting the Social Security Administration with the name and date of birth of the person.  See also 7.5 Locate - Other Locate Sources.

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