11.4.1 International - Reciprocal

Chapter Federal Authority
Intergovernmental Social Security Act
§452(a)(11) Duties of the Secretary
§454 (9) and (20) State plan for child and spousal support
§466(f) and (d) Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve effectiveness of child support enforcement
45 CFR 302.36 Provision of services in intergovernmental and intergovernmental IV-D cases
45 CFR 303.7 Provision of services in intergovernmental IV-D cases
Subject State Authority
International – Reciprocal Countries Wyo. Stat. 20-4-139 et seq. Uniform Intergovernmental Family Support Act
Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Rules
Chapter 4 General Services
Chapter 16 Services in Intergovernmental Cases
Policy Number Effective Date
11.4.1 October 1, 2015


While reciprocity is not a main component of the Uniform Intergovernmental Family Support Act (UIFSA), it is required for the recognition and enforcement of support orders from foreign countries.  


The United States Department of State in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services may enter into a reciprocal agreement with a foreign country for purpose of child support.  In addition, a state may enter into its own reciprocal agreement with another country.  In order to see the countries with a reciprocal agreement with the United States or Wyoming, the caseworker will access the federal OCSE web site as shown in Appendix 11.G – Reciprocal Countries.

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2 July 1, 2015